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01/11/20 - Appel à candidatures - Membre du comité de rédaction - Journal of Landscape architecture

Appel à candidatures pour deux nouveaux membres du comité de rédaction (sections "Reviews" et "Thinking eye") de la revue académique européenne JoLA, Journal of Landscape architecture. Positions non rémunérées à adosser à un poste de chercheur(se) ou d’enseignant(e) chercheur(se).

"Established in 2006, JoLA is the peer-reviewed academic Journal of the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS). JoLA is published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, and listed in the Thomson Reuters Arts and Humanities Citation Index. Three issues of JoLA are published per year, in full colour, available both in print and online. Cultivated through an editorial and review strategy and a
unique approach to the graphic design of its content, the aims of JoLA are to provide a platform for outstanding landscape architecture scholarship and research innovation, linking theory to practice. While publishing articles following established research conventions and written modes of communication, JoLA also encourages and publishes unconventional and emerging forms of research enquiry, including those employing practiced-based methodologies, those having their origins in visual and artistic practices and media, and those espousing new methods and rigour for the developing field of landscape architecture criticism."

JoLA thus gives space to the reflective practitioner and to design research. The journal has different sections in order to accommodate and cultivate this, among them the Under the Sky and Thinking Eye sections, explicitly underlining the importance of the creative imagination and promoting the thoughtful review of canonical projects and experimental representation as forms of thinking worthy of scientific endeavours.

What is the role of a JoLA editor ?

"The editors are appointed by the ECLAS executive committee. The term of an editor of JoLA is normally five years, with a possibility for an additional five-year term. The position is unpaid, while travel and subsistence costs for a maximum of two
editorial meetings in Europe from a European city are covered by ECLAS. Editors are expected to :

  • Work closely with other editors forming the editorial team, to maintain and advance standards, innovation and aims of the Journal, including taking part in up to two editorial meetings per year in different European locations.
  • Promote JoLA to the wider academic community of landscape architecture and related disciplines and practices.
  • Cultivate submissions to JoLA.
  • Cultivate academic reviewers with an interest in both traditional and experimental scholarly publishing in landscape architecture.
  • Keep abreast of theoretical and design paradigms in landscape architecture.
  • Develop a culture of critical reflection to the field of landscape architectural research.
  • Be committed to following detailed criteria and deadlines for the editing and production processes.
  • Attend the annual ECLAS conference.

What is JoLA looking for in candidates for editor ?

All candidates will normally hold an academic post in landscape architecture at a European university or institution. We are searching for candidates who have experience in research and publication in the field of landscape architecture.
Preference will be given to those who have a dynamic breadth of interest, and a track record in both landscape architecture practice and academic research, though we are also open to and interested in early career landscape architects/thinkers
if they demonstrate such potential. Candidates should have some knowledge of the academic peer review process and some experience in reviewing papers for academic journals, and they will need good written communication skills, and a
good level of English. The editor position requires someone who will enjoy working closely with the editorial team and who has enthusiasm to help shape JoLA by upholding our mission to sustain a platform for innovative research at the practice/theory interface in landscape architecture and allied fields.

  • Review Section
    The Review Section of JoLA is a platform for scholarly criticism. It focuses on recent research outputs and on a variety of media, including books, conferences and symposia, and exhibitions. Reviews are mostly solicited by the section editor. Submissions are internally reviewed by the section editor, and are reflective rather than descriptive.
  • Thinking Eye
    Thinking Eye is the visual methods section of JoLA. It aims to support critical investigations into visual concepts, methodologies and media, and to promote scholarly discourse on the visual culture of landscape architecture by publishing experiments and methodological innovation, including practices and ideas drawn from the fine and other arts and related design and environmental disciplines that have demonstrable relevance for contemporary landscape architecture theory and practice. Submissions are primarily peer-reviewed and critical, not merely illustrative. They comprise predominantly visual material, with text in a supporting role.


Date limite de candidature : le 1er novembre 2020.

Adresses d’envoi : ;

Modalités : CV académique, articles scientifiques et lettres de recommandation.

Appel à candidatures