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31/01/21 - Appel à communications - Congrès annuel EUGEO - "Sustainable Geographies in the Heart of Europe"

Appel à communications pour la 8e édition du congrès annuel EUGEO "Sustainable Geographies in the Heart of Europe" organisée à Prague du 28 juin au 1er juillet 2021.

"The main topic of the congress, Sustainable geographies in the heart of Europe, refers to the passion geographers have for the exploration of the world that surrounds us. Understanding complexity and fragility of geographical environment as well as of the own discipline has been an essential part of many geographical efforts. The congress is open to all geographers, physical and human alike, and to any interested scholars from related disciplines. The participation of young scholars and PhD candidates, independent scholars, as well as researchers applying multidisciplinary approaches is encouraged."


Main topic : Sustainable Geographies in the Heart of Europe

With subtopics :

  • applied cartography and GIS
  • cartography and GIS in environmental and societal management
  • complexities and dependencies within geographical environment
  • geographical competencies and education in geography
  • geographical perception and environmental aesthetics
  • geographies of environmental protection
  • geographies of health
  • geographies of identity, culture, and heritage
  • geographies of power and world regional differentiation
  • history of geography and sustainability of geographical disciplines
  • historical geographies of transformations
  • landscape transformations
  • local and regional consequences of migration
  • management of environmental and social hazards and risks
  • (re)development of rural areas
  • regional development and economic interdependencies
  • tourism development
  • urban development and smart cities
  • use of environmental resources


"Panel session proposals are especially encouraged, although roundtable discussion
proposals, individual papers, and posters are also welcome. If you would like to organize other type of session than panel or roundtable or would have special requirements for your session proposal, please do not hesitate to contact the Local Organizing Committee. Individual papers not submitted to a particular thematic session will be arranged into panel sessions by the Local Organizing Committee.
Congress programme will be divided in 90 minutes sections. Thus, no single individual paper presentation should exceed 15 minutes in order to enable at least 30 minutes for the discussion of papers presented within a particular section. Panel sessions can include more than 4 individual paper presentations in total. If panel session would include more than 4 individual paper presentations, it will be divided into several consecutive sections."


Date limite de soumission des communications : le 31 janvier 2021.

Modalités de soumission : en ligne

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