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07/09/17 - Appel à communications - Living territories for a sustainable development

Appel à communications dans le cadre du colloque international "Living territories for a sustainable development" organisé à Montpellier du 22 au 24 janvier 2018.

We live in a globalized world, where the wealth growth comes along with a highly uneven distribution of it, among and within countries, and a strong uncertainty on renewable resources availability, leading to inequalities, social tensions and political and environmental crisis. While no panacea, territories offer the advantage of being places of coordination between actors, where new forms of governance can be designed and implemented : by integrating environmental, social and economic objectives, addressing trade-offs and by strengthening the capacity of multiple stakeholders to coordinate action and set common goals, territorial approaches could contribute to sustainable development.


Following the belief that there won’t be peace nor prosperity, including in the urban world, without living and flourishing rural communities, the Conference will showcase the importance of rural territories and of their interactions with urban areas to the achievement of SDGs, both locally and globally. Think and act locally in regard to act globally to the benefit of sustainable development is a political project : it aims to reduce social and economic inequalities, including generational and gender-related disparities, and to address environment concerns. The Conference will also set the scene of a shared agenda for research and action.

Three specific objectives are identified, namely :

  1. To highlight new scientific knowledge on territorial approaches to rural development, including urban-rural relationships.
  1. To showcase successful territorial innovations and projects including organisational and institutional reforms
  1. To analyse and question the conditions of success for territorial development, especially within the context of the implementation of the SDGs

Proposals are expected to contribute to the previous three objectives, while contributing to set the scene for a shared agenda for research and innovation. To maximise the benefits of the conference, all symposium organizers are asked to ensure that their session is outcome focused, both in terms of territorial development achievements and in terms of future research and development action.

Beyond these objectives, the sessions should feed the following two themes. These themes are not mutually exclusive ; research and innovation priorities may fit under one or two of the themes. They are to be considered as a general guideline for submission.

  • Innovation, coordination and regulation
  • Territorial development and globalization


Date limite de soumission : 7 septembre 2017

Envoyer à l’adresse :

Voir en ligne : l’appel à communications sur le site du colloque