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(dir.) | DELLENBAUGH (M.)

Urban Commons

Moving Beyond State and Market
1er juin 2015,

Editions Birkhäuser, collection "Bauwelt Fundamente", juin 2015, BIRKHÄUSER

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"This volume examines various key topics of urban commons theoretically and empirically through a wide spectrum of international case studies providing perspectives from a variety of cities as diverse as Berlin, Hyderabad and Seoul. A wider discussion of commons in current scientific and activist literature from housing, public space, to urban infrastructure, is explored through the lens of the urban condition."


  • Preface
    • Seizing the (Every) Day : Welcome to the Urban Commons ! - Markus Kip, Majken Bieniok, Mary Dellenbaugh, Agnes Katharina Müller, Martin Schwegmann
  • Perspectives
    • Urban Commons – Dissident Practices in Emancipatory Spaces - Brigitte Kratzwald
    • Moving Beyond the City : Conceptualizing Urban Commons from a Critical Urban Studies Perspective - Markus Kip
    • The Complexity of Urban Commoning from a Psychological Perspective - Majken Bieniok
  • Community
    • Defending Space in a Changing Urban Landscape – A Study on Urban Commons in Hyderabad, India - Tobias Kuttler, Angela Jain
    • Overcoming Privatized Housing in South Korea : Looking through the Lens of “Commons” and “the Common” - Didi K. Han, Hajime Imamasa
    • Uncommon Claims to the Commons : Homeless Tent Cities in the US - Manuel Lutz
  • Institutions
    • Creating and Appropriating Urban Spaces – The Public versus the Commons : Institutions, Traditions, and Struggles in the Production of Commons and Public Spaces in Chile - Daniel Opazo Ortiz
    • Acting in Reality within the Cranny of the Real : Towards an Alternative Agency of Urban Commons - Ignacio Castillo Ulloa
    • From Urban Commons to Urban Planning – or Vice Versa ? “Planning” the Contested Gleisdreieck Territory - Agnes Katharina Müller
    • Insurgent Acts of Being-in-Common and Housing in Spain : Making Urban Commons ? - Melissa García Lamarca
  • Resources
    • Housing as a Common Resource ? Decommodification and Self-Organization in Housing – Examples from Germany and Switzerland - Ivo Balmer, Tobias Bernet
    • Reconfiguring Energy Provision in Berlin. Commoning between Compromise and Contestation - Sören Becker, Ross Beveridge, Matthias Naumann
    • The Battle for Necropolis : Reclaiming the Past as Commons in the City of the Dead - AK Thompson

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