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19/02/18 - Appel à communications - Urban Challenges in a Complex World. Key factors for urban growth and decline

Appel à communications dans le cadre de la rencontre annuelle de l’IGU Urban Geography Commission en collaboration avec l’équipe Villes Régions Monde, du 12 au 17 août 2018.

In 2018, the special focus for this conference will be on Key factors for urban growth and decline. Papers addressing these issues are particularly welcome for the 2018 Annual Urban Commission Meeting.


In addition to the theme on "Key factors for urban growth and decline", participants are invited to submit individual papers, and/or proposals for panel sessions or roundtables on the following thematic foci of the commission :

  • 1- Complex Urban Systems and processes of cities’ transformation
  • 2- Technological innovations, creative activities in cities,
  • 3- Innovative and smart building and transportation in cities
  • 4- Polycentrism, small and medium size cities
  • 5- Sustainable to resilient cities
  • 6- Shrinking and aging Cities
  • 7- Urban Governance, planning and participative democracy
  • 8- Contested Social Spaces
  • 9- Subjective/objective Well-Being in cities
  • 10- Urban Heritage and Conservation
  • 11- New concepts and methods in urban studies


Date limite de soumission : 19 février 2018

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