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The Right to the City

16 janvier 2018,

Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning, vol. 6, Routledge, 284p., 2018.

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"This 6th volume incorporates essays that explore the salient issue commonly referred to as "The Right to the City." This theme speaks to a growing new movement within planning theory and practice with multiple aims and strategies but with the common objective of advancing a more just and equitable world."

"The right to the city functions as a manifesto advancing academic explorations of the opportunities for, and barriers to, expanding human and environmental justice. At the same time, it extends beyond academic inquiry to engage directly with the policy, legal and political dimensions of human rights. The right to the city has been invoked by global bodies such as United Nations-Habitat and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to bolster not only their agendas around fundamental human rights but advance urban policies promoting inclusion, sustainability, and resilience. Dialogues 6 offers engaging explorations into the academic expeditions by the global planning community that have helped to energize this movement. The papers assembled here through processes of peer review represent an invaluable collection to untangle the complexities of this dynamic new approach to urban and regional planning."

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