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15/07/16 - Call for Papers - Energy Consumption in Buildings : interdisciplinary approaches

Call for papers for a special edition of the Energy Research and Social Science review.

"Questions related to energy in buildings often seem very technical, which leads to sector-specific approaches and fragmented research strategies. Dominated by the "hard sciences", energy issues have mainly been addressed through techno-centric processes. The technical progress achieved should have led to a sizable decrease in energy consumption. However, consumption has been continuously increasing instead. Among the reasons behind this difficulty, socio-spatial factors play a major role. Much research has been devoted to producing greener energy. Yet one must not overlook that this energy is produced to be used and that, in a context where energy transition is a key challenge, focusing on actual energy use has also become fundamental.

Studies applied to buildings’ thermal behavior and appliance controls now incorporates this dimension to a greater extent. However, research on energy consumption in buildings need to be more all-encompassing, i.e. inclusive of the interactions taking place between spaces, systems and users. It requires an interdisciplinary perspective since it would simultaneously encompass physical, technical, spatial and human aspects."

The objective of this special issue is to provide an opportunity for researchers to publish their latest and original interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary work on energy consumption at the building scale.

This special issue is open to everyone, so all authors that feel they meet the aims and scope of the call for papers are invited to submit their manuscripts by July 15, 2016. Authors should prepare their manuscript according to the Instructions for Authors available from the online submission page. All the papers will be peer-reviewed following the journal reviewing procedures.

For more information, visit the review website.